Adriana Travel - 17.04.2020

The secret of Rogoznica’s Dragon's Eye

Rogoznica is often called the "heart of Dalmatia" due to its position halfway between Split and Sibenik. A heart that many legends bind to, all of which have one thing in common - Dragon's Eye.


This idyllic tourist village is known as one of the finest Dalmatian holiday destinations thanks to its relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere, good gastronomic offer and over 50 kilometers long coastline with lovely beaches. If you plan to spend your Dalmatian coast holidays in Rogoznica, one thing you certainly don't want to miss is a visit to a unique hydrogeomorphological phenomenon. Dragon's Eye is a lake located on the Gradina peninsula, on the right side of well known Frapa marina, one of the most beautiful marinas in the Adriatic, adored among boaters because of its superb protection from the wind from all sides.


There are several legends about the creation of Rogoznica’s Dragon’s eye. The first one includes a dragon, a hero and a beautiful girl. To the newer generations it might sound like something from Game of Thrones, but this dragon called Murin was actually an illegitimate son of Greek sea god Poseidon and the goddess Hera. He protected the village from invaders and looters, in return they had to give him the most beautiful girl for a woman every year. One day the hero Aristoles arrived on his winged horse Pegasus and fell in love with a girl who was to be sacrificed the next day. Young hero summoned the dragon to a duel, mortally wounding him with a spear forged by the mighty goddess Athena. Dying dragon, furious because of this betrayal, dug his own eyes with his claws, throwing one far behind the island of Mljet, while the other just slipped under his feet. The eye melted the stone and sea poured into a rocky cavity, forming the lake.


Another legend tells a story of two brothers fighting for succession. One of them was blind, so knowing the other one might deceive him, he uttered a curse "May everything turn into a lake, if you have unfairly divided the land". And so it happened... There is also a story including alien spacecraft, but if you ask us, our favourite legend of Rogoznica’s Dragon’s Eye is the one about lovers who will be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives in the marriage blessed with eternal love and healthy children, if they bathe in it together.


Now if you're wondering if you can swim in the lake, the answer is definitely yes! The water is ideal for swimming due to its exceptional warmth, while the surrounding rocks simply call for jumping.