Business conditions for use of services provided by Adriana Consulting d.o.o.

General business conditions

The use of services provided by Adriana Consulting d.o.o. Adriana Consulting d.o.o., Kanica, Runcini 110, 22203 Rogoznica CRO and our internet sites are subject to acceptance of these general business conditions (GBC). By accessing, application or downloading contents, products or services through our office or through our web-sites, You -customer and/or traveler (“client”, and or “You/Your”) express Your consent to abide the same. These provisions limit Your rights and legal remedies and protect Adriana Consulting d.o.o. Limitation of warranty and liability disclaimer statement are also a part of it, as well. By the use of the web-site You are familiar with and accept that: 1. There is a fair balance, because these sites are made available to You practically and free of charge and 2. ID YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS, INCLUDING THE LIABILITY DISCLAIMER STATEMENT, YOU WAIVE THE RIGHT TO USE THE SERVICES OF Adriana Consulting d.o.o. WEB-SITES. These conditions can be changed by an employee or a representative of Adriana Consulting d.o.o. and in such case, the same shall be done in written by the Adriana Consulting d.o.o. representative. Our business conditions can be changed at any moment and without previous announcement if such changes do not affect significantly Your rights and obligations. If such changes would affect Your rights and obligations significantly, You shall be notified of the same via e-mail as soon as the changes enter into force. You hereby agree that we do not take responsibility for injuries, losses, claims, damages or special, exemplary, punishable, indirect, accidental or consequential damages of any sort (including, but not limiting to loss of profit or loss of saving) based on the contract, unallowed action, absolute responsibility or any other way connected to the same which results from the execution or non-execution of the travelling service provider or in any other way connected therewith, including, but not limiting to unfulfillment due to bidding; reorganization, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation. In case of omission due to bidding; reorganization; insolvency; dissolution or liquidation of the travelling service provider You agree to address Your claims towards the travelling service provider and not to Adriana Consulting d.o.o.

Electronic communication

When You visit the Adriana Consulting d.o.o. web-site or send us an e-mail You communicate with us electronically. Thereby You consent to receiving an electronic message from us. We communicate with You via e-mails or via notices on our web-site. You agree that all agreements, notices and other messages which we send to You electronically fulfill all legal requirements that such messages should contain in written.

Booking and payment conditions

Adriana Consulting d.o.o. shall make all possible efforts to arrange with You all adjustments of Your travel route. Do not hesitate to arrange with us all aspects of Your reservation or to ask questions. After we have agreed on the vacation object You chose and after You have expressed Your desire to book that object with us, You have a period of 48 hours during the pre-season and 24 hours during the high-season to confirm the reservation by paying. The amount You pay results from the reservation is then immediately due for payment in full amount. After we have received the payment, we will deliver You a payment confirmation with information of Your reservation. With the confirmation of payment issued by Adriana Consulting d.o.o., the renting contract shall be considered as concluded. We accept payments through credit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) or bank transactions. When paying through a bank transaction You bear the cost of all bank fees. Such fees should not be charged to Adriana Consulting d.o.o.

Conditions of third providers

Most of our third providers have their own requirements and conditions of booking and You are obligated to the same, because they are applied to Your contract with us, as well if the same refers to the provider. Third provider conditions are applied to Your contract with us, as well and precedence is given to conditions of third providers – in case, a provision of third provider conditions can be considered as not valid or not applicable – our conditions shall be applied.

Paying via a credit card and fees

Our non-binding offers are available in different currencies, and all payments shall be done in Croatian currency. The amount that shall be charged to Your credit card shall be increased for the recalculation of the price from the foreign currency to the Croatian currency kuna in accordance with the applicable exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. When paying with a credit card, the amount shall be charged in Your national currency and in accordance with the exchange rate applicable pursuant to credit card contracts. Due to such conversion, there is a possibility of slight deviations from the original price, which was specified on our offer or web-site. The amount charged on Your credit account shall be calculated in Your national currency in accordance with the exchange rate pursuant to credit card contracts. Adriana Consulting d.o.o. draws attention of its clients to fees and allows them to decide if they will pay with a credit card or not.

Personal data transfers

Transfer of personal data and credit card numbers is enabled through the highest security standards, WSpay ™ - system for online authorization of credit cards pursuant to requirements for credit cards and different types of credit cards and the PCI SDD standard. Approval and payment through credit cards Is enabled by the WSpay ™ - system for online authorization of credit cards in real time.

Exchange rate fluctuations

Prices are subject to changes based on exchange rate fluctuations as soon as such changes enter into force.

Provisions reffering to cancellation

All cancellations must be delivered in written to Adriana Consulting d.o.o.. In case of cancellation the following conditions shall be applied: The cancellation must be announced up to 14 days before the agreed date of the take over of the vacation object. In case of respecting the aforementioned deadline, Adriana Consulting d.o.o. shall reimburse 50% of the confirmed paid amount using the bank data delivered by You, except in case if something else was previously agreed with Adriana Consulting d.o.o. In case of a late cancellation, the possibility of money reimbursement is excluded. Information and prices can be changed without previous announcement. In case of price error of omission, Adriana Consulting d.o.o. retains the right to adjust the prices or do other corrections.

Passports and visas

Valid official travelling documents of Your origin country (valid at least up to the end of Your entire staying) are necessary for travelling to Croatia. Please, make personal inquiries regarding the conditions of entering/travelling to Croatia. Before confirming Your travel, You should check Your passport or personal identification card to determine if the same is valid throughout the entire period of Your travel. Certain countries require that Your travel document is valid up to 6 months after the date on which You wish to leave the that country. If Your passport or personal identification card expires within the period of six months after the date on which You wish to leave the country, it can happen that You are forbidden entrance in such a country. Please, take into account the provisions for visas for the countries You wish to visit. DAMAGES/SAFETY PROVISIONS Owners of villas, houses and apartment complexes can sometimes require You to pay a deposit solely for the purpose of owner’s insurance against breakages, accidental damages or damages that can occur due to Your negligence or loss, as well as extra cleaning or open accounts that can occur during Your stay. If the damages exceed the highest valid amount You are responsible for the entire cost. The amount shall be confirmed to You during the reservation and after Your vacation the same shall be returned to You as soon as the agency in charge for the object examines the same on the day of Your departure. The inspection shall be executed, if possible, before You vacate the object, so that the return can be done immediately or that the corrective actions can be immediately arranged. If the same is not possible due to early or late departure, the inspection shall be done on the departure day and the return not later than 1 week after the departure. If you detect problems or unclarities upon Your arrival, we kindly ask You immediately report the same in order to avoid later misunderstandings at the end of Your stay.

Force Majeure

Adriana Consulting d.o.o., its representatives, service providers and third providers are not responsible for damages and/or delays caused by “force majeure”, including actions of a government, war, attacks, political riots, civil conflicts, industrial disagreements, work conflicts, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, epidemics, diseases, equipment malfunctions or faulty equipment, weather conditions, quarantines, medical or customs provisions, technical or administrative problems with transport, closing of airports, changes of travelling plans, machine malfunctions, water scarcity or other events or changes that are out of our control. In case of force majeure Adriana Consulting d.o.o. can on its own initiative, but not mandatory, offer replacement services by the means of which Adriana Consulting d.o.o. would compensate exclusively the originally planned services. Adriana Consulting d.o.o. is not responsible for possible additional costs, omissions, delays, reroutes or government actions. In case of force majeure reimbursement is not possible.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend You to contract a comprehensive travel insurance in Your country as soon as You book Your vacation object. Health insurance, insurance against accidents and rescues are strongly recommended as well. Adriana Consulting d.o.o. does not take any responsibility for persons that are not properly insured during Your travel. Travel insurance can be protected in case of cancellation due to unforeseeable events. Contracting a travel insurance is not mandatory in order to use another product or service offered by Adriana Consulting d.o.o. Associates of Adriana Consulting d.o.o. and Adriana Consulting d.o.o. are not authorized to answer technical questions regarding services, exclusions and conditions of offered insurances or to assess the adjustment of the insurance to the insured person. Adriana Consulting d.o.o. recommends You to conclude a travel insurance. For that purpose, You will find a link on our web-site (only for guests from Germany).

Health condition, pregnancy and travelling

If You have health issues or a medical condition or You are pregnant, You should consult with Your doctor before travelling, especially if You need medical hospitalization, daily care routine or emergency care, or if Your pregnancy is of high risk. We ask for Your understanding that Adriana Consulting d.o.o. or the local provider do not have the possibility to ensure or provide medical services or emergency doctor support, if it is needed. You are personally responsible for the risk, incidents and consequences that can occur during Your travel. We recommend You to conclude a health and travel insurance before Your travel to largely exclude the potential risks.

Liability limitations

Adriana Consulting d.o.o. acts only as an agent for clients in regards to travel service providers, such as transport, hotels, villas, houses, apartments etc. Adriana Consulting d.o.o. or any agent or contractual partner does not take any responsibility or guarantee of any kind for actions, mistakes or faults (caused by negligence or otherwise) of the government , their officials or employees or associates or agents of airline companies, travelling agencies, other transportation companies, sea transport companies, cruising companies or ferries, hotels or other accommodation providers, other institutions, travelling services providers or providers of food and drinks, other merchandise and other services during Your vacation or in regards to which Adriana Consulting d.o.o., its agents or connected companies haven’t got any control. Taken that into consideration and without limitations, Adriana Consulting d.o.o. does not take responsibility or guarantee for damages, losses, death cases, discomforts, delays or damages on personal property regarding delivery of goods or services resulting from, but not limited to “force majeure”, diseases, wars, riots, damages due to animal activities, overbooking or badly service providing, food poisoning, mechanical or other malfunctions of airplanes, other transportation means or malfunctions of transportation mechanisms which prevent a punctual arrival or departure. All reservations made with approval from Adriana Consulting d.o.o. with transportation providers or providers of other services are subject to conditions from such third providers which are not explicitly a subject of our agreement with You, and especially to valid laws, visa requirements and requirements for entering, staying in and exiting the country. All reservations made through Adriana Consulting d.o.o. with transportation providers or providers of other services are subject to conditions from such third providers which are not explicitly a subject of our agreement with You, and especially to valid laws, requirements and guidelines from the government, authorities or associates, including visas, entering, staying in and exiting the country. Neither Adriana Consulting d.o.o. nor any agent or connected company take responsibility or guarantee for all conditions or requirements of third parties that provide certain services during Your vacation. If You conclude that You do not want to visit a country or a part of a country due to valid laws, conditions or requirements of a certain government of authority, official, employee or agent, You are responsible for costs and charges, fees, reimbursements losses or damages that result from the same, as well as for possible fees for cancellations or changes. Contractual parties agree that all possible differences shall be resolved amicably. If the same is not possible, the authority and competence of the Municipal Court in Šibenik is hereby clearly and irrevocably determined.

Processing of Complaints

Note: All guests that visit the Republic of Croatia have to be aware that in pursuant to the Republic of Croatia, i.e. Act on Building Permits for External Works in the period between 01.01.-15.06. and 01.09.-31.12., guests are obligated to check everything immediately upon arrival with the service provider. This is important for communicating bad services and informing the agency in written of possible deficiencies. In this case, all such problems shall be resolved as soon as possible, but not later than within the period of 2 working days. If the guest during his stay has a complaint regarding the unit or the use of a service, he is obligated to notify the service provider or a representative of the agency, as well as the agency of the same in written. All possible justified problems in the unit shall be removed as soon as possible and not later than within 2 working days. The guest hasn't got the right to complain about any problem that has been solved and not the agency, nor the service provider can be subjected to grounds for a complaint. The guest is obligated to cooperate with the service provider and the agency in good faith and amicably in order to solve the problem. If the guest did not have any complaints during his stay, he shall be considered as satisfied. During the period of solving the problem, which can last no longer than 36 days after the receipt of the complaint, is the guest not allowed to include any other party, like UHPA arbitration or any other institution, nor to provide any information to the media. Furthermore, the guest accepts not to sue the agency or the service provider during this period. The top possible compensation amount can only achieve the total price of the inadequate service, but it cannot amount to the price of already fulfilled services or the total price of the reservation. This excludes the guest's right to the ideal loss adjustment. The agency is not responsible for weather conditions, sea temperatures at the destination and all other similar situations or events that can cause unsatisfaction of the guest and that are not directly connected to the quality of the accommodation units (e.g. bad weather, poorly maintained beaches, huge crowds of people, theft of personal property, etc.). If the guest made a last-minute reservation (reservation at the last moment), he agrees to all risks of such a vacation. Such reservations imply the uncertainty of facts which cannot be influenced by the agency because the guest the guest made such a reservation firstly based on lower prices and, therefore, he hasn't got the right to make complaints about the organized reservation. Note: By confirming the reservation and paying the deposit or the total amount, the guest accepts all of the aforementioned terms and conditions. These Terms of business exclude all previous travel terms of business only in the afore described cases.